What are Parking Lots Cracks - Parking Lot Repair Procedure

What to Know About Parking Lot Cracks

It is important for you to be aware of cracks that may be in your parking lot. If you spot a crack, you want to make sure it won’t become a liability. If you leave cracks untreated, months later you may find it’s not such an easy fix. The level of concern depends on the type and size of the crack. If the crack measures anywhere from a quarter inch to a whole inch in width, then you should reach out to RGV Land Development so we can seal it for you.

Parking lot damage happens over time and the longer you leave the crack, the worse it can get and the more amount of money you would have to pay. Neglecting to handle these issues can cause significant problems, and the escalation of those problems tend to sum up on you. At RGV Land Development we recommend to handle any issues before they get worse. Now you may wonder, What services are often needed in parking lot repairs?, the answer is three primary procedures: parking lot crack repair, seal coating, and lot marking.

  • Parking Lot Crack Repair – This is the most cost-effective asphalt parking lot repair. It is crucial to perform as early as possible to make sure you are minimizing water infiltration that can eventually permeate through cracks and quickly erode the sub-base.
  • Seal Coating – After crack repair comes seal coating. Even though this step is not a requirement, it could be a beneficial preventative to your parking lot or driveway. This preventative provides a protective barrier against UV rays, water, salts, oils and gasoline. This sealer acts as a waterproof agent that minimizes the rate at which water enters the pavement and reduces oxidation, helping the parking lot maintain its black color for longer.
  • Parking Lot Striping- Soon after seal coating comes parking lot marking or striping. It’s important to have a well-marked pavement to help direct people safely around your parking lot.