Should I Replace or Repair My Driveway?

Our driveways go through a lot, think about it, they sit on the hot sun for years, they carry the weight of our cars and they are constantly exposed to rain and chemicals. It is important that you know the signs of when your driveway may need a little bit of care. The usual signs of damage are cracks, holes, sunken areas or divots and oil stains. If you spot any of these damages you need to make sure cracks and divots are no bigger than 2 inches. If they are then your driveway would be better off replaced. However if your driveway has minimum damages, at RGV Land Development we recommend a resurfacing service. Age is a big determining factor when considering if you have to replace or repair your driveway.

The amount of time your driveway has existed determines how vulnerable the driveway is. However, there are other scenarios in which younger driveways need to be replaced as well. Younger driveways that are already cracking will most likely continue to split, which means the driveway was probably not installed correctly, and needs to be inspected for repaired immediately before it is too late.

Should I Replace or Repair My Driveway

Signs It’s Time To Repair or Replace Your Driveway

  • Cracks
  • Potholes
  • Drainage issues
  • Weathered appearance


Visible cracks are a sign that the surface of your driveway is failing. Like we mentioned earlier, the dimensions of the crack are the determining factor of deciding if your driveway needs a little fix or a replacement. If the cracks you find are less than a quarter-inch wide, you can get away with repairing the surface. Instead, we recommend that you reseal or refinish the entire surface to ensure the driveway has a consistent aspect.

However, when cracks are greater than a quarter-inch, repairing won’t get the job done. Large cracks are a sign of significant issues because water is able to seep in, even after a repair job, which is why in this scenario we recommend replacing your driveway.


A pothole in your driveway could be an unavoidable issue that can eventually damage your car, your tires and your visitor’s cars. Potholes are developed for several reasons, the main one being water. In some driveways water is able to displace the soil beneath the surface which eventually creates the potholes. Your car could be affected in several ways due to potholes. The sidewalls and treads of your tires can become damaged over time as well as the wheels, suspension and exhaust system. Depending on what type of driveway you have, we will approach the pothole. If your driveway is made out of asphalt, then we can use an asphalt patch to fill it in. For a concrete driveway it is a similar process, at RGV Land Development we can make lasting pothole repairs because we take the time to enlarge the hole at the bottom and compact the base material and then add the patch.

Drainage Issues

Have you ever noticed rainwater accumulating in areas around your drive way? If you answered yes then you probably have drainage issues. This can create even bigger problems since water can weaken the driveway surface therefore increasing the cracking and/or creating potholes. To prevent these issues you can do several modifications such as adding strip drains, curbing or replacing drainage piping. However if the damage is not something small, we always recommend to replace the driveway to make the replacement worth your money.

For our customers it might be a big decision to whether replace or repair your driveway, but remember we are here to help you along the way. Even though there are basic signs and guidelines, it is always better to have an experienced opinion. Here at RGV Land Development we help all of our Rio Grande Valley community with their questions and concerns. We can inspect your driveway to determine if you have a small or big problem and then determine if your structure needs urgent care or just a simple repair.