Inspect and Research your Land Before Making a Purchase

Inspect and Research your Land Before Making a Purchase

Prepare Before Making a Land Purchase


Before beginning the development of your project, you have to take into account the zoning, environmental, sewer systems of the land you are purchasing and additional costs that comes from hiring experts.


Amenities and The Local Government

The first and foremost important aspect of a piece of property are the local amenities and the local government. This is because of the permits and variances involved when purchasing a property. You also have to consider what is around your property and how that be beneficial or detrimental to you. Ask yourself these questions: Do you have a supermarket close by? Schools? Parks? or Sources of Medical Care? Remember that all of these factors also affect the amount of property taxes you will eventually have to pay.



It is important for you to know your surroundings before you start a new project. There are resources like Google Maps and surveys that FEMA prepares that will help you have a better understanding of what is around you. Based on these results you can get a better picture on the property that you are purchasing. All cities have zoning bylaws that regulate the kinds of uses permitted on vacant land. This means if you are planning to build a home make sure the land is zoned residential and vice versa with commercial land. Other zoning regulations include location of utility lines, building setbacks, size and height of buildings as well as number of rooms.


Be Prepared

When purchasing any kind of property, hire a reliable attorney before making the big purchase. An attorney has full knowledge of everything that involves land development and purchasing like zoning, environmental, taxation, construction and more.You also have to prepare a budget for the closing costs plus costs for improvements after construction is over. These extra costs may include fencing, furnishings, appliances, landscaping and other repairs. Having a budget ready can help you prevent overwhelming costs that may come after you finish building your property.


Property Taxes

Paying for property taxes may be more beneficial to you than you know since you might be able to qualify for tax deductions. To calculate your property taxes and tax credit possibilities contact your local tax assessor. This information will allow you to prepare for property taxes costs even before you purchase the property. As a reminder don’t forget that taxes are based on city and county.

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