Caliche, Sand & Gravel

Caliche, Sand & Gravel

When it comes to building materials we focus on caliche, sand, and gravel. At RGV Land Development we sell a selection of bulk caliche, sand & gravel materials. Crushed stone and caliche are used as a road base, in drainage projects, building retaining walls, and it is used to provide a stable foundation under roads and railways. A popular alternative to a complete concrete caliche pad is choosing a compacted sand or gravel option. Rather than you having areas which are not compacted and unable to host heavy equipment, parking or structures, we can come out and level off the area and then weigh it down with sand and gravel to produce a strong and compact pad for nearly any purpose. Our team and equipment make it easy for you to access quality projects that will help you get ready for any upcoming task. Give us a call and we can help you determine the size and color of gravel, caliche and sand that best fits your project.

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Caliche Pads

Caliche Pads

If you are on a budget, caliche pads are available at an affordable price. We will deliver, spread, and crown the pad at your convenience. We can also place caliche pads in your parking lot or desired area. Levelling out your property or preparing for a new installation often means hiring an earth mover that has experience. Constructing a caliche pad can be one of the best ways that you can lay the groundwork for a new foundation or for a new parking/loading zone for your business. Caliche pads are an excellent and compacted area where you can construct a number of components for your property and have access to the perfect development site for your business or landscaping needs.

We can learn about your needs and produce a quality caliche pad that can be used for construction projects such as storing, parking vehicles, warehousing and more.

Contact us with your needs for property levelling and we can make recommendations on the right type of caliche pad that can suit the needs of your project.

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RGV Land Development offer different concrete services including full concrete slab foundations, concrete runners and concrete beams for skirting, built, and poured with high-quality concrete and materials. Our team can offer support for concrete sealing first and foremost. This is a required action for preventing moisture for making its way into your concrete systems and for preventing UV and salt damage to your concrete over time. We can regularly assess the condition of your concrete sealing and perform repairs and resealing as a scheduled service. Our concrete paving services can help you make use of more of your property as well as remove any deteriorated concrete from your parking areas and structures. If your parking lot area or concrete structures are starting to wear, we can help you revitalize these areas so that you can maximize the value of your business and offer a better curb appeal.

Contact our team today if you are in need of residential or commercial concrete services for your property. We can assist in concrete installations, repairs and coatings using the finest equipment and skilled labor in the industry.

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Asphalt Paving Service

It is our goal to offer the finest asphalt pavement installation to the specifications and locations around the RGV that you require. Asphalt paving has many benefits including cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and durability. Asphalt services also include resurfacing, and repairs. RGV Land Development provides high quality, long-lasting asphalt, and concrete pavement solutions at an affordable price.

If you have asphalt on a property that’s beginning to show the signs of wear and tear, we can manage these problems before they have a chance to spread. As cracks have a chance to form in asphalt, this can lead to continual concerns for moisture to make its way into asphalt systems and continue to cause damage. We can perform removal and replacement tasks or complete resurfacing.

As your asphalt structures have a chance to crack and wear, we can tear up sections and perform a complete repair as required. Deteriorated asphalt can lead to pitting, cracking and major potholes which can be a serious safety concern across your property. We can fix up these problems and improve your property safety and value.

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