Caliche, Sand & Gravel

When it comes to building materials we focus on caliche, sand, and gravel. At RGV Land Development we sell a selection of bulk caliche, sand & gravel materials. Crushed stone and caliche are used as a road base, in drainage projects, building retaining walls, and it is used to provide a stable foundation under roads and railways. A popular alternative to a complete concrete caliche pad is choosing a compacted sand or gravel option. Rather than you having areas which are not compacted and unable to host heavy equipment, parking or structures, we can come out and level off the area and then weigh it down with sand and gravel to produce a strong and compact pad for nearly any purpose. Our team and equipment make it easy for you to access quality projects that will help you get ready for any upcoming task. Give us a call and we can help you determine the size and color of gravel, caliche and sand that best fits your project.

Caliche, Sand and Gravel Building Materials Supplies